Welcome to AA Pad Company
We have been serving the Veterinary community since 1991 with surgical padding for major Universities, Veterinary Clinics and Zoos around the world. Our applications are not limited to the Veterinary community, we also manufacture padding ranging from Sports Mats to Custom Physically Impaired applications. We are located in Maryville, Tennessee near the Smoky Mountains and Knoxville. If you have a padding need in your business, industry, school or home please contact us.
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Recovery Room

Floors, Doors & Walls
The floor & wall pads were manufactured by AAPadCo and serve to keep the animal safe when coming out of anesthesia. More

Surgical Table Pads
Surgical Table Pads are custom designed and fitted to existing surgical tables. More

Transforming V Pad
This pad is versatile in that it
can be adjusted in 3 different
configurations. More


Customized Application

Retaining Stations
Retaining stations for veterinary medicine keep the animal inside an enclosure and prevents the animal from movement. easily adjustable for different procedures. More

Cage Pads
Designed and manufactured to fit your animals cage. More

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Maryville, Tennessee 37803
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Pad Construction

Trough Pads
Stabilizes animal. More

Our pads are constructed of variety of densities of open cell foam rubber, then covered by a 22 oz. PVC vinyl. More

Eye Surgery Recovery Pad
Used to alleviate pressure to the eye. More